Our approach to ESG strategy leverages the principles of materiality. In our first stages of ESG strategy, we’ve relied on existing ESG reporting frameworks, ratings methodologies, and peer disclosures to identify topics material to our business and to society. These inputs include SASB, TCFD, GRI, MSCI, Sustainalytics, and the UN SDG’s. Over time, we will continue to enhance our materiality process to include broader stakeholder engagement through a formal materiality assessment.

Below are the topics we have identified as material to our business:

Climate Risks & OpportunitiesSystems to mitigate climate risks, including corporate emissions, physical risks, and transitional risks, while maximizing climate opportunities.
Diversity & InclusionFostering a diverse and inclusive workforce across the organization.
Energy ManagementResponsible management of energy resources in operations, including limiting total energy consumption and maximizing renewable energy use.
Human Capital ManagementPolicies & practices to attract, develop, and retain a skilled workforce to drive business success.
Product SafetySystems to ensure the safety of Eos products, including testing & certification.
Product Quality & ImpactsSystems to maintain and improve Eos’ high product quality and broader impacts towards sustainable development, including capacity, efficiency, and renewable energy use cases.
Responsible SourcingMaintaining environmental and social responsibility throughout our upstream sourcing activities.
Waste ManagementResponsible management of product and corporate waste streams, including hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, and product lifecycle management.
Water ManagementResponsible management of water resources in operations.
Workforce Health & SafetyPolicies & practices to ensure the health and safety of our workforce.

Product Impacts

Our products are developed with sustainability at their core. Guided by our four product themes - Safety, Scalability, Sustainability, and Efficiency – we are committed to advancing global sustainable development through our product impacts.

Sustainable Development Goals: A study by the firm Boundless Impact found that our product has strong alignment with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals [include pictures of the goals]

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13: Climate Action

Key highlights of our product impacts include:

  • Product Quality – Our product is durable and efficient, providing a reliable energy storage solution that enables resiliency.
  • Product Safety – Our products are non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and 100% safe.
  • Responsible Sourcing – Our products are manufactured in the USA and use abundant materials like zinc that significantly reduce the environmental and social risks associated with other battery technologies, including cobalt and lithium sourcing.
  • Low Environmental Impact – On average, our product has an 84% lower GHG footprint and 71% lower water footprint compared to Lithium-ion batteries.

To learn more about our product impacts, see these additional resources:

Environmental Responsibility

At Eos, we are committed to operating in a way that is respectful of the environment and the resources we use in our manufacturing processes. We seek to quantify, report, and continually improve upon our corporate environmental performance.

Climate Risks & Opportunities

Our products provide an important solution in energy storage, enabling the growth of renewable energy around the world. Our products are a climate solution and we see significant transitional opportunities for our business due to climate change. At Eos, we are committed to operating in a way that is aligned with a livable future, as defined by groups like the IPCC. We are working to measure our corporate climate footprint and will see to report on this topic in the future.

Energy Management

Eos’ products are highly energy efficient, enabling powerful energy storage solutions. Our operational energy systems are aligned with ISO 14000 standards and we seek to limit energy consumption wherever possible, both as a cost saving and environmentally responsible measure. We are working to measure our corporate energy footprint and will report on this topic in the future.

Waste Management

Eos’ products are fully recyclable and do not include hazardous components, allowing for circular systems. Our operations generate very little waste. We are working to measure our corporate waste footprint and will report on this topic in the future.

Water Management

Eos’ products are highly water efficient and our batteries have significantly lower water impacts compared to other technologies. Eos is a US-based company and does not operate in areas of high water stress. We are working to measure our corporate water footprint and will report on this topic in the future.

Social Responsibility

At Eos, we are committed to respecting and supporting our employees, communities, customers, and other stakeholders.. We are committed to quantifying, reporting, and continually improving upon our social responsibility performance.

Workforce Health & Safety

We are committed to worker safety and strive to be a zero-incident company. Our leading product safety drives strong workforce health and safety, reducing safety risks from hazardous materials. We have robust safety systems and trainings to ensure strong safety performance, aligned with ISO 9000 standards. We commit to report on and continually improve upon safety performance in the future.

Human Capital Management

As a growing enterprise, we seek to provide strong incentives and opportunities to attract, develop, and retain our talented workforce. We have competitive benefits and salaries to attract top talent. [Insert link/download to Benefits summary @ Bottom of this page] We are committed to reporting on and continually improving upon our human capital management performance in the future.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and nurturing a diverse workforce across our organization. Eos is committed to providing equal opportunity and fair treatment to all individuals on the basis of merit, without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. We seek to report on and continually improve upon our diversity & inclusion performance in the future.

Our Approach to ESG

Since our founding in 2008, Eos has been on a mission to accelerate the shift to clean energy by transforming how the world stores power in a safe, scalable, efficient, and sustainable way.  Sustainability is at the core our what we do.  We are committed to advancing global sustainable development through our products, working to systematically grow our business to meet the challenges of the global energy transition and combat the global climate crisis.

Our four product themes guide our vision for a sustainable future. As we continue to scale, we remain committed to driving progress across these themes: 

Safety: Our products were developed to address the safety challenges of current lithium-ion energy storage technology. We value the safety of our customers, communities, and employees and strive to meet the highest standards for manufacturing and product safety. On 5/3/2021, Eos completed safety testing to achieve UL9540A certification under file number E520825. This standardized testing method under a safety certification agency tests equipment for thermal runaway and the risk of fire and explosion.

Scalability: Our products were developed to solve the critical supply chain and raw material availability challenges of current lithium-ion energy storage technology. Our product is designed to scale quickly to enable greater renewable energy capacity across the entire energy grid. We are committed to scale our business and to partner with groups that maximize sustainable use cases of our products, including applications for solar and wind energy storage. 

Sustainability: Our products were developed to maximize sustainable development and minimize environmental and social harm. We commit to manufacturing our products in ways that minimize waste, energy intensity, climate impacts, and water demand. We also commit to uphold the highest standards for human rights and to scale supply chains that reduce the risk of human rights abuse.

Efficiency: Our products were developed to enhance quality and efficiency in energy storage. We commit to continually improving our processes to ensure the highest product quality, reliability, and storage efficiency to create reliable and efficient energy deployment for our customers.

Our Commitment to Our Employees: At Eos, we believe in great chemistry. The combination of core elements into an amazing product and the mixture of skills into a unified team. We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and engaging work environment for our talented employees. We offer competitive benefits and opportunities for employees to grow their careers at company that is driven by a mission to accelerate the shift to clean energy.